Tuesday, May 20, 2008

THERE IS A NEED...and it's for you!

I want to share a post from a dear sister in Christ who is a voice for the Martyrs. Her concern and love is found here http://www.luvvom.blogspot.com/
and her other blog is found here http://sarahsjournal-luvvom.blogspot.com/

I encourage you to read this and to really think about about joining others by writing to our brothers and sister that are putting thier lives on the line for our Savior Jesus Christ. Here is Sarah's post......

I don't normally write about the persecuted on this blog. I have a blog designated especially for them. But I just received some disappointing news today from my sister and so I thought I would talk about these two subjects.

My sister lives in Canada and was going to come to visit us in a few days and spend nine days with us. Last night someone stole her passport which makes it impossible for her to come...unless they find the person who stole it and he confesses. I'm not going to hold my breath on this one! I miss her so much and feel very lonely right now. I really, really want her to come down, but "if wishes were horses all beggars would ride".

I began to think about how sad and lonely it made me to know she was going to come and visit and then just like that she isn't. Then I began to think about our brothers and sisters who are in prison for the faith that is within them. Besides all the hardships they endure, many times they are denied visitors who would not only meet their physical needs but would also give them a ray of sunshine and something to which they could look forward. I'm not even beginning to know their sufferings. I don't even know if they get lonely, because I don't know their level of spiritual maturity. But they're human, right? God made humans to have relationships. So everyone needs someone in their lives to encourage them and comfort them. To cry with them and laugh with them. They too need human contact in some form. I can't visit them or call them, but I can write to them. I can't even imagine how wonderful the letters are that they receive from different people! Perhaps every day they look forward to getting a letter from us. Every day they wait for the prison guard to throw that white envelope at them. The joy that springs up in their hearts that there are people outside those prison walls thinking of them, praying for them, and loving them! Not only that...these letters contain precious verses from the Bible!

I know that God sustains our brothers and sisters in prison, but what a bright moment (brighter than we could even know!) we could make in their lives. It means so much. If you have ever felt isolated, then you can know in a small way how our persecuted brothers and sisters feel. Do something for them. Go to the link I provided to my other blog and write to them. Once you've clicked onto a link I have provided at my other site (which you can find under the heading of "Love Letters To The Saints"), it will take you to Voice of the Martyrs and you can write to many different people.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this would spread like wild fire? Can you imagine all the letters they would receive? Many times an increase in letters equals early release for them because their government doesn't want to draw attention to how they treat Christians!

Baptist Girl said...
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Maxine said...

Thanks, Cristina. I've been more negligent of late and need to get on to it.

Baptist Girl said...
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Baptist Girl said...

Hi Maxine,
Your welcome and thankyou for sharing about the Chapman Family, my heart goes out to them all. What a tragedy.