Thursday, March 22, 2007


When you look at the world today, you see a lot of father-less children, this bothers me very much. It saddens me to hear from a child, "Where's my daddy?"... "Is my daddy coming home?".... "Does my daddy hate me?"

Even in today's world you are seeing mothers abandoning their children. I have been taking care of children for at least 20 years and I have seen a lot of pain in children faces over the years. I have heard those question and it has tore at my heart. Children need both parents and it is just not happening today. Over the 20 years of caring for children I would say the majority of children I babysit are father-less. The father maybe takes them from weekends to maybe only once a month.......or not at all. It breaks my heart to hear what comes out of these children's mouths....and as they get older and smarter, they get angrier because they know why the parent is not in their lives. Please if you know anyone that has only one parent in their lives, pray for that child(s) and that mom, and pray that the father will return and do good by these precious children. They need their father but most of all they need The Lord. There is so much we can do as christians to reach out, help them if you can by maybe sharing your lives with theirs. Showing a little boy or a little girl what a father is all about, What our Father is about.

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Anonymous said...

OK, you made me cry. Prayer for the family is needed.


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

My father was a good man who provided for us. He was a German man who meant well but was aloof. I never heard him say he loved me and very rarely did I have a conversation with him.

But in March of 1975 I met a Father who always says He loves me, He is never aloof exept when I am, and He is open to conversations at any moment. You are right, Christina, the absence of an earthly father makes a difference, but if they embrace the Heavenly Father that need will be met a hundred fold!

jazzycat said...

Great post. It is really sad to see how our culture is shaping children.

Sis. Julie said...

Very good post Cristina. My future daughter in law helps run a daycare in her family's home and she is always talking of how they have fewer children on Friday's due to father's coming to pick up their children for the weekend. It is sad when there are children that don't have both parents in their home. And you have some that don't understand why so-and-so's daddy picks them up or their mommy picks them up with their daddy and that child only has their mommy. She has told me the looks on those children's faces are so sad. And to think that my children almost had to go through that....Praise the Lord they didn't....God salvaged our home and they didn't have to!!! AMEN AND AMEN!!!

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Rick,
I am sorry to hear about your dad. If only parents would realize the power of those three words "I love you" can mean to a child and the actions to show it.

Children will either grow up and be the same with their own childre or they will be the total opposite, like I am sure you are and love their children to pieces.

Hi Jazz,
It sure is sad isn't. Children look up to adults for their example.

Hi Julie,

There re a lot of mixed up children out there and it is very upsetting and if we look even deeper you have homosexuals brining up children and those chidren are bought up thinking it is ok to have either two moms or two dads. It is so sad. I am glad things worked out for you and your family, life get tough at times but we have to do our very best to work together. Every marriage has struggles at times, we just have to remember for better for worse, in sickness and in is forever. I love my husband more today then I did when we first were married, but we had struggles here and there but with the Lord's help we are here now and we are both so happy and our children are thriving. God is good! He is always with us in the valley and on the mountain. We just have to realize it is just not us in this marriage we have children that need us to guide them and most of all love them. Thank you julie for your honesty.


Jungle Mom said...

Your post and Rick's comment made me cry. It is such a shame when parents aren't there, either physically or emotionally for their children. Makes me want to go hug mine!

Anonymous said...

My father was like Rick's...I think they mean well because they provide for their families etc. My dad's dad was the same as he and his mother died when he was 12yr not a lot of resources for him to draw upon. We left him when I was 8yr old, but really my mom was completely apart of our lives and I only missed my dad for a short few years. I sound cold I guess, but I don't really remember missing him for long or even being angry that we left him. He visited a few times and I really felt uncomfortable having him around because he didn't like where we lived. I stay in touch with him now but only because I feel sorry for him. I guess it was different for me because we left him...he didn't leave us...big difference I think. Anyway, all the children I have met with divorced parents have been traumatized by divorce. God hates it and so should we. Our culture has formed itself around single parent families and every other family except for one father and mother families. This is rebellion against God. I thank God that He is a Father to all of us. I really enjoyed this post and song, Cristina.

marallyn ben moshe said...

great post baptist girl...we have lost all our values somewhere along the way...and soon, i fear there will be a reckoning...stay safe...and shalom from jerusalem

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Sarah,

I am sorry you did not have a father that could give you the love every child deserves. I am so glad you now have a Father that can give you a love like no other and sisters and brothers that love you so much. Our Father has such a gem in you! *S*

Hi marallyn for Jerusalem,

Glad to have you here! We sure have lost a lot of values. The world is getting worse and worse and it is sad to see children suffer so at the hand of man and even worse a father or mother. I pray that the Lord would reveal Himself to anyone that does not believe and they come to know Him as their Savior . Peace to you too.

Pam said...

Sad but oh so true! Families are hurting today. We have broken away from God's Biblical plan and example. I too had an in home day care for 4 years, but before that I taught in a Christian School. So many little people with so many burdens! God help us!

I am so thankful that my last child never had to go to day care. I was blessed to be a stay at home mom. However, My first born spent his first 5 years in Day Care and preschool and kindergarten. All were under the same roof where I taught, but still not the way God meant for us to train our children. I would go back in a heartbeat and redo it if I could.

Anonymous said...

Ok, vacation is over for the both of us! Time to get writing...I miss reading your posts! :o)

Jungle Mom said...

I agree with luvvom!!

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Sarah and Junglemom,

The hard drive on the computer went on us. I am so glad to be back. I was having withdrawls *S*