Friday, April 06, 2007


He went willingly to the cross for my sins, me not worthy of such love."Jesus fully realized all that was going to happen to Him." John 18:

I read this by Octavius Winslow and I agree, we are but worms not worthy of such love. He went to the cross with His children on His mind and He rose again. HE HAS RISEN, HE HAS RISEN

For me a worm!
O what a truth is this!

The Son of God offering himself up a sacrifice for sin!

He who knew no sin; who was holy, harmless, and undefiled; not one thought of evil in his heart, yetmade sin, or a sin offering!

O the magnitude of the thought!

If God had not himself declared it, we could not have believed it, though an angel's trumpet had announced it. "O blessed and adorable Immanuel! Was this the end and design of your intense and mysterious sufferings? Was it that You should obey, bear the sin, endure the curse, and bow your head in death, that I might go free? Was it in my stead, and in my behalf? O unexampled love! O infinite and free grace!That God should become incarnate; that the Holy One should so take upon Him sin, as to be dealt with by stern justice as though He were Himself the sinner; that He should drain the cup of wrath, give His back to the smiters, endure the shame and the spitting, and at last be suspended upon the cross, and pour out His last drop of most precious blood; and all this for me! For me a rebel! For me a worm! For me the chief of sinners!"

Be astonished, O heavens! and be amazed, O earth!

Was ever love like this?

"Surely to be beloved by Jesus, is enough
to satisfy the soul of a worm of the dust."
-Jonathan Edwards


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

One day in 1975 a very large stone was rolled away from my heart and as I was dead, I was made alive. I will never be the same, I have let Him down a thousand times but He has never waivered from His love and faithfulness to me.

Why could not God have just spoken forgiveness to my soul, why did it have to be the cross? Only a born again believer can by the Spirit's help see why the cross. It was the absolute depravity and horror of my sin against the holiness of an all powerful God.

On the cross God is saying,"I give you My Word".

Pam said...

Loved the quote! Happy Resurrection Sunday to you!

Jungle Mom said...

Aman! He is Risen INDEED! That is what made all the difference.

jazzycat said...

HE is alive.
Critina welcome as a team member at Bluecollar.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Rick,
It is sad that Jesus had to bare the cross and all it entailed just so that we could live. I will be forever thankful that He did.

Hey Pam and Junglemom,
Amen to you both! *S* I will be thinking about you both and all your family tomorrow.

Hey Wayne,
Thank you so much.


Janie said...

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you!

bluecollar said...

Excellent post!!!

I'm so very glad that you are a member of bluecollar! Posts like this one are the reason why I sought you out to be on the team.

Great post, Cristina!

Julie's Jewels said...

I thank God He is alive!!! I know He is alive because He lives in my heart!!! He changed my life completely on June 26, 1994 and I thank God for that day He rolled the stone away in my life. I just can't praise Him enough!!

Baptist Girl said...

Same to you!


Amen! I thank God too!


Jungle Mom said...

I wanted to thank you for the prayers for my Dad.

Baptist Girl said...
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Baptist Girl said...

I am so thrilled to see you dad look so good. I would be jumping for joy too if it was my dad! *S* I will keep praying for a full recovery.