Friday, January 07, 2011


Lord my prayer is to honor you in all I do. Lord it can be so hard at times to fight against the flesh. I am finding more and more when I remind myself of these words "Honor you and you will honor me", it reminds me that you are always watching and hearing all I do. May I honor you, may I make you proud of me Lord.

My Father's eye!
"Your Father—who sees in secret." Matthew 6:6
Can anyone hide himself from the Lord in secret places?
Can I, under any circumstances, escape His notice?


The eye of God has been fixed upon me every second of this day; it is now at this moment fixed fully upon me. But it is my Father's eye! My Father sees in secret!
He sees my needs—and my woes.
He sees every secret working of my foes—and will save me from them.
He sees every secret influence which is likely to injure me—and will prevent it.
He sees . . .
the secret workings of my heart,
my hidden thoughts,
my unuttered desires,
my soul conflicts,
my private temptations.
But He sees also my secret sins!
Every evil thought,
every improper action,
every unfitting word—
passes under His eye!
Solemn consideration this!
May it make me cautious. May it preserve me. . .
from yielding to temptation,
from nourishing sinful thoughts, and
from acting inconsistent with my profession.
My heavenly Father sees me!
He sees me at this moment!
He sees me every moment!
He sees my most secret motives, thoughts, and purposes!

He who thus sees me—hates every sin with an infinite hatred

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