Saturday, January 08, 2011


I opened the door and hanging there were my dad's clothes. So many memories, I could picture him in these clothes. His shirt and pants were always neatly press, his pants with the sharpest crease, his shirt always crisp looking. His baseball hats lined up at the top of his closet, neatly put and then in the corner of the top shelf laid this old grey T-Shirt with "AIR FORCE" written across it. It was tattered because in my dad's later years he contacted Shingles and this T-shirt was light on his skin and he was always proud of serving in the "Air Force" so he wore it a lot and it was washed a lot. I boxed up all his fine clothes, trying to think of someone that could use them because they were all in such perfect shape.It's hard to believe in those three boxes lay the memories of such a dear father whom I will never stop missing. I closed the boxes and stuck them in the corner till mom gets home and then we could decide who we could donate them to. I went to the empty closet but before I closed the door I placed the old grey T-shirt back on the shelf. Out of all those fine close the old grey T-shirt ment the most to me because It meant the most to my dear old dad. I will admit I had a real good cry, something I haven't been able to do. I love you my dear ole dad.

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