Sunday, August 09, 2009


The more we loathe ourselves--the more we love You! I think of struggles of sin in my life and the more I look at myself the more I loathe what I see. When you stop and really examine your life, I mean REALLY examine your life, face up to the big sins and the little sins you realize how loathsome you really are. We think the little sins are not anything important, but they are and they add up. A little lie, a hateful thought towards someone, jealousy-not being content with what the Lord has provided, gossip etc. All of these sins keep us from a stronger relation with our Lord. Sometimes we can be so blinded from our fallen nature, sure we are children of the Almighty but we are still in the flesh and it is a daily battle. We don't hate sin enough otherwise we would not practice it so much. We forget sometimes Your omniscient eye see it all.We can not hide from your presences, your here right in our faces and yet we sometimes have the nerve to think we can hide our sin from you. How arrogant of us, how arrogant of me Oh Lord! Where is the meekness we can find in you? You have stamped out our sins by the blood you shed for our righteousness and yet we still don't hate sin enough, we don't hate what we see in ourselves enough otherwise we would be down on our knees crying out too you more often. God forgive me. You have blotted out every sin and covered it with your blood, that does not give us the right to going on sinning, it gives us the right to glorify you in all we do, it gives us the right and honor to be a God given child of the Almighty, chosen to be a light to a dieing world.

As you spend more days examining yourself and seeing the sins that you struggle with you can not help but hate what you see. When you spend more time away from the word of God and away from His people you are distancing yourself away from the one that loves you most.

The more we loathe ourselves--the more we love You!

Be still my my soul Lord

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