Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When God doesn't appear to hear our cries: God's name is a sure stronghold for all who flee to enter into it God has promised to hear us before we open our mouth The answer is - - God is responding in His own manner - - and His ways are above ours.... It is certain that before we call upon God He is willing and ready to help us because - - where comes the desire to pray? Does it not come from the Holy Spirit? For a man would never of his own mind resort to God. Even though God does not appear to hear our prayers - we must continue to call upon Him. We should never cease to pray - - in times of prosperity or in times of distress. We must wait patiently; for His promises are true; We will see in the end that He has not forgotten us, nor ceased to hear us. Consider this - if we are patient and able to continue to pray - - that, in and of itself, is a token that God has heard already and has given you this grace to continue to turn to Him.... John Calvin


Maxine said...

Good words from Brother Calvin. Hope you are well.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Maxine,
I am well, thank you for asking. I hope all is well with you and your too.