Sunday, April 19, 2009


Everything in a Christian's life is planned out by God. Our salvation is of the Lord!Everything we do is orchestrated by God for His purpose. The Cross was orchestrated by God, the suffering Jesus suffered was because God planned it that way. Trials WE go through are orchestrated by God. When you look at what Job went through, the suffering he endured was from God, everything Jonah went through was from God, John the Baptist's head was cut off..was from God. All that the Saints suffer all the Joy the Saints have, is orchestrated by God and we should be thankful for it all because in the end we will be in glory, rejoicing with Him singing GLORY GLORY GLORY IS OUR GOD ALMIGHTY.

R.K. McGregor Wright quoted.....
God saves. God does not merely do enough to make salvation possible, leaving it to us to work our way up, to 'merit the merits of Christ,' to do our part to make the merely possible become the actual. Every link in the chain of redemption is forged on God's anvil from start to finish. Even God cannot achieve an end without a means. In order to secure the predestined end, he foreordains each step and casual link, sovereignly acting to see that each cause and effect occurs

I have already shown that he had to move the entire Roman military bureaucracy several years earlier to make certain that at the end of the empire wide census, one particular pregnant girl was in the right town at the right moment just so the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem and not up north in Nazareth! The entire Roman bureaucracy was predestined to keep in step with the body chemistry of one unknown Jewish girl in the far outer reaches of the first-century Roman Empire."

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