Sunday, April 20, 2008


Do you ever sometimes wonder why some things happen in your life? Do you question God and ask,"Why?" I have to admit it, I do at times. Sometimes my faith is not as strong as it should be. The weakness of my flesh comes out and I worry or fret over things. Life sometimes with throw you a hardship and you will go through afflictions that you have no control over and He wants us to trust Him. He knows all about it, He planned it for what ever purpose, He has control of it and it will bring Him glory as you trust Him. There are no accidents in the life of a child of God. Even in the darkest moments in our lives, we have a light that shines through it. Knowing that I am not in control and He is comforts me.

Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see."--Corrie Ten Boom

When the world smiles upon us, and we have got a warm nest, how do we prophesy of rest and peace in those acquisitions, thinking with good Baruch, great things for ourselves, but Providence by a particular or general calamity overturns our plans (Jer. 45:4,5), and all this to turn our hearts from the creature to God.

He wants us to trust Him in every situation, even in those times of clamity. Meditate on His word and find peace....

"Until I went into the sanctuary of God, then understood I their end" (Ps. 73:17).

Those circumstances, which to the dim eye of Jacob's faith wore a hue so somber, were at that very moment developing and perfecting the events which were to shed around the evening of his life the halo of a glorious and cloudless sunset. All things were working together for his good! And so, troubled soul, the "much tribulation" will soon be over, and as you enter the "kingdom of God" you shall then see, no longer "through a glass darkly" but in the unshadowed sunlight of the Divine presence, that "all things" did "work together" for your personal and eternal good.

—Arthur W. Pink

"And God placed all things under His feet and
appointed Him to be head over everything,"
Ephesians 1:22

How vast, how numerous, how complicated are
the various events and circumstances which attend
the Christian here below, as he travels onward to
his heavenly home!

But if all things are put under Jesus' feet, there
cannot be a single circumstance over which He
has not supreme control. Everything in providence
and everything in grace are alike subject to His
disposal. There is not . . .
a trial,
a temptation,
an affliction of body or soul,
a loss,
a cross,
a painful bereavement,
a vexation,
a grief,
a disappointment,
a case, state or condition,
which is not put under Jesus' feet.

He has sovereign, supreme disposal over
all events and circumstances. As possessed of
infinite knowledge He sees them; as possessed
of infinite wisdom He can manage them; and
as possessed of infinite power He can dispose
and direct them for our good and His own glory.

How much trouble and anxiety would we save
ourselves, could we firmly believe, realize, and
act on this!

If we could see by the eye of faith that . . .
every foe and every fear,
every difficulty and perplexity,
every trying or painful circumstance,
every looked for or unlooked for event,
every source of care, whether at present or
in prospect—are all at His sovereign disposal,
what a load of anxiety and care would be
often taken off our shoulders!

-(J. C. Philpot, "Meditations on Ephesians")


Anonymous said...

This is a great challenge for us to trust Him! Thanks so much for posting this!

Pam said...

Medidtate on His Word! Aww such peace it brings. Great post and great challenges. Letting go and letting God!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post!! Trusting the Lord is definitely an area that all Christians would do well to practice - with it brings such peace!!


Even So... said...

Yes, it indeed gives us courage to know that we run a "fixed" race, what God starts He will finish, even if it feels like we are in a ditch at times, He will pick us up and carry us through...

Baptist Girl said...

The Lord is so Good!

jazzycat said...

Good lesson. We should always prayerfull accept his providence.

Bethan Louise said...

I stumbled accross your blog, hope you don't mind! i've been struggling to understand why certain have happened in my life; you post was wonderful. Blessings Beth x x

Maxine said...

The Lord is directing our paths. I am so thankful. And He is working all things together for our good. Thanks for this timely reminder.

Jungle Mom said...

Excellent post!!! I enjoyed it very much.

Baptist Girl said...

Thank you all for you posts, sorry for taking so long to respond.