Friday, March 21, 2008

Paul Washer: The True Meaning of the Cross

I encourage you to listen to this message by Mr. Paul Washer. Mr. Washer has a love for Christ and a love for the lost and for the Saints.

Wonder not then that all the true followers of Christ, the saints of every age, have so gloried in the cross of Christ, have imputed such great things to it, have desired nothing so much as to be partakers of it, to live in constant union with it. It is because His sufferings, His death and cross, were the fulness of His victory over all the works of the devil. Not an evil in flesh and blood, not a misery of life, not a chain of death, not a power of hell and darkness, but were all baffled, broken, and overcome by the process of a suffering and dying Christ. Well, therefore, may the cross of Christ be the glory of Christians!
William Law (1686-1761)


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