Sunday, November 04, 2007


God is Sovereign over everything and everyone. This dear man is an example of humbleness and exceptance of God's Sovereign plan for his life. I encourage you to listen to what this child of God says on the Sovereignty of God.

Sovereign, supreme disposal

(J. C. Philpot, "Meditations on Ephesians")

"And God has put all things under the authority of Christ,and He gave Him this authority for the benefit of the church." Ephesians 1:22

God has put all things, events, and circumstances under the authority of Christ! How vast, how numerous,how complicated are the various events and circumstances which attend the children of God here below, as they travel onward to their heavenly home! What an intricate maze they often seem, and how much they appear opposed to us,as if we never could get through them, or scarcely live under them!

Yet, there cannot be a single circumstance over which Jesus has not supreme control. Everything in providence and everything in grace are alike subject to His disposal.
There is not . . .
a trial,
a temptation,
an affliction of body or soul,
a loss,
a cross,
a painful bereavement,
a vexation,
a grief,
a disappointment,
a case, state, or condition,
which is not put under Jesus' authority!

He has sovereign, supreme disposal over all events and circumstances! As possessed of infinite knowledge,He sees them. As possessed of infinite wisdom, He can manage them. As possessed of infinite power, He can dispose and direct them for our good and His own glory!How much trouble and anxiety we would save ourselves,could we firmly believe, realize, and act on this! If we could see by the eye of faith that . . .
every foe and every fear,
every difficulty and perplexity,
every trying or painful circumstance,
every looked-for or unlooked-for event,
every source of anxiety, whether at present or in prospect,

are all under His dominion, and at His sovereign disposal--what a load of anxiety and care would be taken off our shoulders!

"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me."
Matthew 28:18


Julie's Jewels said...

I praise God for His sovereignty. Amen!!

Maxine said...

What a blessed testimony Johnny is! He has been special to us for a long time. Christina, would it be alright if I link to this post from my blog?

Baptist Girl said...

maxine, go right ahead.


Vicki said...

Thank you for posting this. So many of us need this beautiful reminder of the Sovereignty of God. Thank you! Johnny's testimony moves me deeply and profoundly.

Beverly said...

Thank you for posting this video -- my husband and I know Johnny personally. He is a dear man, and so used of God.

sparrow's song said...

He embraces God's decision. That blows me away. That's a powerful testimony of God's strength through him to be able to do this. John's spiritual fruit of joy is so evident even in the midst of such suffering.

Preach it, Brother John!! Wohoo! What a delight to listen to his passion for Christ.

Thank you, Christina/Baptist Girl for posting such a super video.

Baptist Girl said...

Your welcome to all of you. It would be a real prevelidge to know John day I will have that prevelidge and I llok forward to it.


Gojira said...

This was a great post, Cristina.

Anonymous said...

He is a wonderful example to me of a Christian who gives thanks in all circumstances! I fail miserably.

Baptist Girl said...

your welcome, I hope all is well with you?

Hey Sarah,
He sure is a fine example and I am with you, I fail miserably. Thank the Lord He doesn't give up on us!


Gojira said...

Hi Cristina,

It gets better and better every day! :~)

Baptist Girl said...

I am so glad to hear that! You take good care.


Jungle Mom said...

I just found this and I am convicted and humiliated. What a God! His creation shows His glory, our only true purpose here on earth is to Glorify God and Johnny is doing it so much better than many, myself included!