Sunday, June 03, 2007


I think we should always remind one another about what He did on the cross for us....

"For God bought you with a high price."
1 Cor. 6:20

Refresh in your souls a sense of the fact
that you are "bought with a high price."

There in the midnight hour, amid the olives ofGethsemane, kneels Immanuel the Son of God;he groans, he pleads in prayer, he wrestles.See the beady drops stand on his brow, dropsof sweat, but not of such sweat as pours from men when they earn the bread of life, but the sweat of him who is procuring life itself for us.It is blood! It is crimson blood! Great gouts of it are falling to the ground! O soul, your Savior
speaks to you from out Gethsemane at this hour, and he says: "Here and thus I bought you with a price." Come, stand and view him in the agony of the olive garden, and understand at what a cost he procured your deliverance.

Track him in all his path of shame and sorrow until you see him at Gabbatha. Mark how they bind his hands and fasten him to the whipping-post. See, they bring the scourges and the cruel Roman whips; they tear his flesh; the ploughers make deep furrows on his blessed body, and the blood gushes forth in streams, while rivulets from his temples, where the crown of thorns has pierced them, join to swell the
purple stream. From beneath the scourges he speaks to you with accents soft and low, and he says, "My child, it is here and thus I bought you with a price."

But see him on the cross itself when the consummation of all has come. His hands and feet are fountains of blood, his soul is full of anguish even to heartbreak; and there, before the soldier pierces with a spear his side, bowing down he whispers to you and to me, "It was here and thus, I bought you with a high price."

O by Gethsemane, by Gabbatha, by Golgotha, by every sacred name collected with the passion of our Lord; by sponge and vinegar, and nail and spear, and everything that enlarged the pain and increased the anguish of his death, I implore you, my beloved
brethren, to remember that you were "bought with a high price," and "are not your own."

C. H. Spurgeon


Anonymous said...

Ah! The greatest price of all...a Godly price! I just came from our membership classes which talked about His complete work (from His birth to His glorification) which He has done for us!....overwhelming with mercy grace and love!

mark pierson said...

Cristina - Thanks for this! Could you please reproduce this at Bluecollar blog when you have a chance, please.

Julie's Jewels said...

I don't ever want to forget what Christ did for me!! I hope and pray that I never do!! So many that are saved and bought with His Blood have see it in the way they live their lives. How sad!!

The Good Reporters said...

This is really good. Thanks for posting it.

Gojira said...

Awesome Post, Cristina!

Anonymous said...

For many of us, the greatest testimony to Christianity is the cross and the empty tomb. Years ago I read a book entitled, The God of the Towel by Jim McQuiggan in which he purports that the greatest symbol is not the cross, nor the tomb but the towel which should be stressed more as this truly shows the heart and soul of the servant Christ. He would never have gone to the cross if He never humbled himself and became a servant unto death. I realize its semantics and I am not endeavouring to argue or quibble over it, as all three are such powerful reminders of what a great God and Saviour we have. Tis all of grace!!!

- James Lush, Baptist Boy, hubby of Baptist Girl (I lost my password so that is why I am using anonymous)

HsKubes said...

Thank you for sharing this. We do need to be reminded often of the high price that was paid for us. We do need to remember that we are not our own. Thank you for this.
Thank you, also, for visiting me and for the kind comment you left.

Enjoy your week ~

Jungle Mom said...

Without the all would mean nothing!


The price He paid for me makes me cry. I am so sorry it took that to redeem me. I am so thankful that He gave His all for me and all of mankind. connie from Texas, thanks you Lord.