Sunday, March 04, 2007


I would like to encourage you to take some quiet time and listen to this message by Paul Washer. It is a message that is very convicting and a message that I believe all Christians should hear. I would like to thank Pat from the blog "Burn the Ship"
I visited his site and He had this sermon posted there and he showed me how to post the You Tube on my sight. Thank you Pat.
What a message!!


Anonymous said...

This is the first sermon I heard from him...been addicted since! Anytime someone preaches the Word of God His sheep will hear His voice and listen.

Anonymous said...

What a great message. Thankyou for sharing that.


BoldlyHis said...

There are more of Paul Washer's sermons at

He is a real good speaker.


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for sharing.

Baptist Girl said...

me too. A friend told me to listen the message on the Cross, so when I get some quiet time I am going to listen tot it.

boldlyhis, thank yo, yes I have been there listening to Mr. Washer and a lot of the other preachers there. It's a great site.

Junglemom and anonymous your welcome. I'm glad I ran across Pat's site. It's nice to listen to the message but nicer when you can watch and listen.


Henry (Rick) Frueh said...

Very edifying and convicting. One point though, there are carnal Christians. However many who think they are saved are not but the Word clearly teaches there are true believers who are carnal. They however cannot have assurance.

May God increase his tribe!

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Rick,
Yes I agree there are carnel christians and there are many out there that believe they are christians. I pray for their salvation.


Anonymous said...

So how do you put videos on your site?

Baptist Girl said...
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Baptist Girl said...

H iSarah,
Here is the e-mail Pat send to me for directions.

The Paul Washer Sermon (in part and whole) can be found on YouTube. Here is the link to the whole version:

Links to the sermon by parts are available in the related section.

Do you know how to embed a YouTube video into blogger? Here are directions from YouTube


Here are some more directions:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cristina, I'll try it sometime!