Thursday, March 08, 2007


You’re a jewel in His crown

A rare and precious gem

A daughter of The Most High King

Created to bring glory to Him.

You’re a jewel in His crown

A woman of excellence and worth

A priceless diamond in His court

Fashioned for His glory since birth.

You’re a jewel in His crown

Loved by the King beyond measure

A royal princess, a coheir with Christ

A beauty to behold and treasure.

You’re a jewel in His crown

A unique and distinctive stone

Purchased by the blood of Jesus

You belong to Him alone.

Oh, sweet sister of the Kingdom

In God’s work may you abound

You’re a blessing, an awesome woman of God

You’re a jewel in His crown. †

Crystal Godfrey


Jungle Mom said...

May I borrow this for my daughter who is named Jewel? I would love to use it an honor for her.

Baptist Girl said...

You sure can.The lady that wrote this poem is a real jewel. She is an amazing lady that gives all the glory to God. I love her very much.


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to have Christian people writing literature that expresses our God. Thanks for sharing.