Saturday, March 17, 2007


This is something I found by J. A. James speaking about the power of the press and I think we could say also the power of Blogs and the effect they can have concerning the Gospel and how it is presented.

I don't want Satan to outwit us. After all, we are not ignorant about Satan's scheming." 2 Corinthians 2:11

The press has a great power for evil. Infidel and immoral writers are pouring forth a deluge of skepticism and vice, which are depositing a pernicious and pestiferous slime over the minds of the people. Let it be imagined, if imagined it can be, what must be the state of multitudes in this country, when millions of pestiferous publications are annually going out among the masses of our population. Let the minds of all Christian people dwell upon . . .

the insult offered to God,
the ruin brought upon souls,
the injury done to morals,
and the mischief perpetrated in the nation,
by such a state of things!

These ungodly publications originate from "Satan's workshop", and reflect the scenes of that dreadful laboratory of mental poison! These authors, printers, publishers, booksellers, vendors, by myriads, are all busy and indefatigable--to do what? To destroy the Bible, to corrupt the mind,to pull down the cross, to dethrone God, to subvert true religion, to turn man into a speaking brute, to overturn all morality, to poison the springs of domestic happiness, to dissolve the ties of social order, to involve our country in ruin! Satan, and all his emissaries upon earth, are in earnest in ruining men's souls!We have an evil to contend with-- so gigantic in its strength, so diffused in its influence all around us, so infectious and malignant in its effects!The enemy is coming in like a flood! Infidelity and immorality are invading us! The alarm bell must be rung!



Anonymous said...

I believe this can be applied to TV for today. I see so much of how Hollywood dictates the culture around us. I don't have TV for my own personal reasons, and have realized how influenced I was by it. I see it in others. I think once you've been away from TV for awhile you can go back and just see Satan's workshop at work. TV shows that I thought were no big deal when I happen to see them in my patient's rooms, I'm shocked at the content. You're right about the net. Those same people come to the net and spread what they've unknowing learned from TV newspapers etc and put forth the same cultural ideas. That is why I now only read those blogs I know to glorify God. Good post, Cristina, and one that we all should take to heart...the Bible truly renews the mind.

Jungle Mom said...

Interesting how Satan gets his hand into everything. I am so glad we lived without TV when our children were young. In the jungle we had no choice! We do have it now, mainly to stay up with what is happeneing here in Venezuela and all, but I have had to limit my younest daughter. She has seen more TV than the others and I find her much more drawn ot it. The older ones don't care for it much.

Baptist Girl said...

Dear Sarah,
I agree, TV today is horrible. If you have TV you need to really gaurd what your children are watching and what you watch. Satan will use anything to promote his plan.

Dear Jungle Mom,

I totally agree, Satan is out to distroy that which is good. We need to really be decerning.


Mountain Mama said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I'm glad you liked the flowers.
I totally agree with your post. As a senior, it is hard for me to believe our nation had declined to this extent. When I was a girl, we had a radio and never heard profanity. I have TV now and am horrified at what is being thrown at us. Each year it gets worse.
Thank the Lord we can change the channel or turn it off.
I pray the Lord will show us how to put a stop to it soon.

Pam said...

Thanks for ringing that alarm bell sister! I can harldy stand to have TV on anymore. Even if the shows are decent or educational, the commercials are a trap of Satan!

Pam said...

OOPS! I meant to tell you, after reading your comment at my blog, that I look forward to being your heavenly neighbor too! *smiles*

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Mountain Mom,
Thank you for visiting. Those pictures of the flowers were just beautiful, God has blessed us with such beauty around us. Nice to meet you.

Hi Pam,
TV is horrid now a days and the Media, well there down right scary.
We are living in such a fallen world but at least we have hope that some day we will go home and all this evil will be wiped out. The Lord is stting the stage and he using the Media, Internet and the lost and saved to set it. I am so thankful I know He is sitting on the throne.