Friday, January 05, 2007


Lead me to the Cross (A Puritan Prayer)

O Holy Spirit,Have mercy on me. Move, I beg You, upon my
disordered heart. Take away the infirmities of
unruly desires and hateful lusts. Lift the mists
and darkness of unbelief.
Brighten my soul with
the pure light of truth. Make my soul . . .
as fragrant as the garden of paradise,
rich with every goodly fruit,
beautiful with heavenly grace,
radiant with rays of divine light.

Be my comforter, light, guide, sanctifier.

Take of the things of Christ and show them
to my soul. Teach me more of His . . .
Lead me to the cross
and show me . . . His wounds,
the hateful nature of sin,
the power of Satan.
May I there see my sins as
. . . the nails which transfixed Him,
the cords which bound Him,
the thorns which tore Him,
the sword which pierced Him.
Help me
to see in His death, the reality
and immensity of His love.
Increase my faith in
the clear knowledge of . . .
atonement achieved,
expiation completed,
for sin made,
guilt done away.

May I start to ask more of what God wants for my life....



Anonymous said...

Great insight. Something God gave me in May:

luvvom said...

It's beautiful to see how much the Puritans want sancification in their lives. I pray God continues this in our lives.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Rick,
I went to your blog and can only say AMEN! God has given you a gift with words. I know you give the Lord all the glory but when I read your blogs and Mikes also, I can actually picture your words. You both are such a blessing to me.


Baptist Girl said...

Dear Luvmom,
Yes I agree as should all believers. I pray that should be our goal is to follow Christ's bear the cross.

Take care,

bluecollar said...


That was excellent! Thanks for sharing that. That is exactly God the Holy Spirit's ministry, to show us Christ, the apple of God the Father's eye. Great stuff.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Mark,
Some folks have been given gifts of how to word things, a lot of the puritans have that gift.
And to think we are the Apple of our Lord's eye. Priase Him.