Friday, June 16, 2006


I would like to explain this poem a bit so that readers can understand where I am coming from. The first verses are about my older sister Sandy. When she was a little girl in public school on the Air Force Base, where we were stationed,she had a teacher that just did not like her. Sandy was a shy girl so the teacher had the advantage over her. The teacher would ridiclule here almost every day and Sandy never complained to our parents about her.Until one day my father was working around the school area and happened to go by her classroom that day. The window was open and at that time the teacher was giving Sandy a hard time, she was in tears. Well, need I say more. After that day the teacher never bothered Sandy again.The verses that follow speak of a girl that was having a hard time in school, well that would be me. I remember that year, I worked so hard but failed that year anyway. I left that day so depressed and there was my dad waiting for me. The teacher knew I worked hard and she knew it would be so hard on me that day that she call my parents and that is why my dad was there. He took me down town and we went into this store and I seen these red-wine colored knee high suede boots. They had a bit of a heal and they tied up in the front. I thought they were so cool, and then from the corner of my eye I seen these bright yellow-orange colored pants, and knew I had to have them. My father bought them both for me. I left that store that day with such a good feeling. I thought to myself how I felt leaving class that day and there outside the school was my dear ole dad there to changed one of the worse days I had and made it into a memory I have cherished over the years. Thankyou my dear father. My dad loved to go to the baseball games my brother Dale played and then of course the last of the crew was Cheryl our baby sister who dad loved so much. My father is such a good man with such a sense of humor, I guess that is why I was so attracted to My Husband Jim because he has made me laugh through the years too. Life without laughter is not much of a life.Thank you Dad.

Love Cristina

Sitting in her class
fearing the teacher that day,
Hands in her lap,
not knowing what to say.

The teacher approaches
and belittles her again,
A man walks in the class
looking down at his daughter's pain

The little girl looked up and
with a frown that turned to joy,
He says dont ever do that again
or you will have to deal with this ole boy.

Another time a little girl
had failed her school year and felt so depressed,
She left the class that last day
And sees a man so well dressed.

He took her hand and
said"It's been a tough year,
But you have to know
we love you so much dear"

He took his young daughter
downtown to buy her something new,
He knew her spirits need lifting
and He knew just what to do.

They went into the store and
she saw Red Boots and Orange Pants,
It's something she wanted
she knew at first glance.

She left the store that day
with such joy in her heart,
Her dad had came through
As he did from the start.

There was a little man
baseball is what he played,
His dad would watch him every time,
these times he would not trade.

The last of his children
was a beautiful green-eyed girl,
She was full of laughter
with these little tiny black curls.

We all grew up making memories
that we treasure today,
When I look back
There is so much to say.

I remember getting in trouble
thinking this is a hoot,
But, it sure wasn't when
he found Spaghetti in his boots.

A sense of humor would
describe this man to a tee,
He always makes you laugh
almost everyone would agree

Now our dear mother would sit
everyday, some day in pain.
listening to his jokes
thinking not this one again.

Many times we visit this man
he'd ask "Hair rub today?"
He'd say oh that feels good
we'd never ever mention the grey.

He grew up from being
a little boy with not much,
To a wonderful husband and father
with such a soft touch.

As we grew up I don't think
He knew how much we cared,
We didn't see until now
how much he had spared.

I'm here to tell you dad
you are the very best,
God's given me you
and I am truly blessed.

I am here to thankyou for
being the greatest dad there will be,
Sandy, Dale and Cheryl
and your grandchildren will agree.

So my wonderful father
thankyou for the laughter we shared with you
thankyou for the love you
have given in all you do.

Love Cristina

thankyou dad for loving me the way you do.


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Baptist Girl said...

Dear Sandy,
Thankyou *S* Not hard to come up with things for the folks you love so much.

Love Cristina

"Snort, Snort"

Kim said...

That was inspired! I'm glad I got a chance to read it!