Sunday, June 11, 2006


We have been searching for a new church and today I have to say has been such a blessing to me and my Husband. Actually, we attended two churches today. One was at Southdale Bible Chapel and the other was at Westpark Baptist Church. At Southdale we had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Roger Pascoe, President of "The Institute for Biblical Preaching".

What a message of encouragement. We had a chance to chat with him for a few minutes before we left and He said He likes to preach straight out of the bible instead of telling a bunch of little stories and isn't that the way churches seem to be going now a days? We are not being fed by the Word of God, we are being told little stories with the word of God mixed up in it all. Why can we not preach verse by verse so we all can grow in the knowledge found in the word of God? Mr. Pascoe was a blessing to me today. Some friends of ours suggested we come to their evening service tonight because, they shared, that the morning message brought them to tears and that the speaker was wonderful. So off we went the West Park Baptist church this evening and listened to Dr. James Grier.
Here is a site to tell you a bit about him…..
He preached on Revelations and I have too tell you I have never heard a preacher like him. He stood up behind the pulpit and faced the wall instead of the congregation. It was as if he faced that way so we would not be focusing on his face but on what he was preaching about. As he spoke I could picture exactly what he was saying. The way he worded everything, it was like you were right there. He talked about the marriage of the lamb and the how at the end Jesus will be "Just in all He does"even when those who did not trust in Christ would be throw in to hell. It was so vivid and yet at the same time I could picture my unsaved family and friends at the day of judgement and I felt pain. Mr. Grier painted it so vividly, you could not even hear a pin drop thoughout his whole sermon. He was such a blessing to me tonight. I thank the Lord for today, I needed this so much I needed to be fed...I was starving. Thank you Lord and I pray that you will lead us to a church that we can feel full with feeding of your word.