Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I just heard to day that the two young soldiers caught by the insurgents were brutally murdered. They were beheaded for defending a country that was not even their own. Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Ore. lost their lives for what, Freedom? I wonder if any of those countries will ever be truly free? I was behind President Bush when he went into Iraq to stop the mass destruction, to stop Saddam's reign of terror in this country, but now I wonder if he was really right going there. I sometimes wonder if the mass destruction has been turned on the soldiers defending this country. I guess all we can do is wait to see what comes from all this. I sure would not want to be the parents of these two young men, they already know what has come from this...they lost their sons. I hope not in vain..
When I heard about their deaths, they had a picture of Kristian Menchaca on CNN and he was standing beside a pole with a sign showing a sword on it and the words ""Follow Me". I hope that meant that he may have been a believer. I pray the Lord will be with those dear family and friends left behind. I pray that they know Jesus Christ as their Savior, because without Christ what hope is there for anyone?


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