Wednesday, November 04, 2009



Spurgeon- 'The fainting soul revived'

God does not resent our ingratitude--
"My child, my poor child," he says,
"though you have gone and spent your substance;
though you have been feeding swine;
though you are all black, and foul and filthy--
yet you are my dear child still,
and my heart yearns towards you."

Without a word of rebuke, or even a taunting look,
as soon as ever a poor sinner comes back to the Father's
house, the Father's arms are round around his neck,
and the kiss of pardon is pressed on his cheek.

"I remember you well," he says;
"I have blotted out your sins like a cloud,
and your iniquities like a thick cloud."

This is just like when we sin against another and ask forgiveness we are to act like God and forgive. When we don't except forgiveness we are not one with God. When someone hurts you, even when it is harsh we are still to forgive. It is sure hard at times but I look at myself and how I have sin against others at times and my God forgives me. He has blotted out out our sins, we should forgive thoses that sin against us. I am not saying forget because it is hard to forget being human still, but forgiveness gives us such freedom...and it may free thAT person that sinned against you to feel free to go on with their walk.


Anonymous said...

Is it not the deep sense of unworthiness and thankfulness before a gracious and Holy God that sweeps away grudges and bitterness within the heart once bored towards fellow people. And no longer do we need to suppress or hide the filth, all surrendered to the Holy one whom we have first trespassed.
Even when we have forgotten His mercy towards us, He has remembered us for good. Baptist girl, thanks for your extract from Spurgeon.

Baptist Girl said...

your welcome.