Tuesday, November 11, 2008


To know that nothing hurts the godly, is a matter of comfort; but to be assured that all things which fall out shall co-operate for their good, that their crosses shall be turned into blessings, that showers of affliction water the withering root of their grace and make it flourish more; this may fill their hearts with joy till they run over.

—Thomas Watson

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

This is my husbands favorite verse and I can understand why.

All things, that means "All our afflictions and trials; all the persecutions and calamities to which we are exposed. Though they are numerous and long-continued yet they are among the means that are appointed for our welfare."

Work together for good - They shall cooperate; they shall mutually contribute to our good. Whatever trial we go through, there is a reason for it, that in the end it will work for our good.

To them that love God To them who are the called - That means you and me who children of God, the Elect, those that have put their faith in Jesus Christ. Those whom have been called to be one of His own.

When we have afflictions in our life, we can find it as a challenge, we can say."How can I bring God the glory in all this and how can I handle this and let others see the faith I have in Christ even though I am suffering?"

According to his purpose It implies that God had a plan, purpose, or intention, in regard to all who became Christians. They are not saved by chance or hap-hazard. God does not convert people without design; and his designs are not new, but are eternal. What he does. he always meant to do. What it is right for him to do, it was right always to intend to do. What God always meant to do, is his purpose or plan. That he has such a purpose in regard to the salvation of his people, is often affirmed.

This purpose of saving his people is,
(1) One over which a creature can have no control; it is according to the counsel of his own will; Eph_1:11.
(2) it is without any merit on the part of the sinner - a purpose to save him by grace; 2Ti_1:9.
(3) it is eternal; Eph_3:11.
(4) it is such as should excite lively gratitude in all who have been inclined by the grace of God to accept the offers of eternal life. They owe it to the mere mercy of God, and they should acknowledge him as the fountain and source of all their hopes of heaven.

(help from e-sword)

As the wicked are hurt by the best things, so the godly are bettered by the worst.
—William Jenkyn

Afflictions are light when compared with what we really deserve. They are light when compared with the sufferings of the Lord Jesus. But perhaps their real lightness is best seen by comparing them with the weight of glory which is awaiting us.

Amen Mr. Pink!

Many Christians are not bettered by the judgments they see--when they have bettered by the judgments they have felt. The gold is refined--by being in the furnace! Likewise, with the Christian, "I have refined you in the furnace of suffering!" Isaiah 48:10



Anonymous said...

I really like Pink's quote! I have been praying that I accept His will as my own! I've got a long way yet to go, but I press on toward the mark....

Baptist Girl said...
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Baptist Girl said...

Sarah, Me too.

I have been up since 3:00 am, my daughter and her boyfriend have been in Emergency since 11:30PM, Greg was having severe pains in his stomach and they do not have any ultra sound machines working until 7:00 am. We live close to the hospital so they were at our door at 3:00 and asked if they could rest here till 7:00 am. The doctors think it may be appendisits. I was wide awake by then so I came down to the computer and had a sweet time listening to Paul Washer, he is such an encouragement to me. And had some time checking out a few of my favorite blogs. So I thank the Lord for this time.

mark pierson said...

Great post, Cristina!It is both challenging, and, well, ..challenging.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Mark,
It sure is a challenge, a challenge to continue to to good to bring God all the Glory.