Saturday, August 02, 2008


I am back and want to talk about what I read in our Home Town Newspaper this morning.
I am getting older and as you get older I think most folks check the obituaries to see if anyone they have known in their past has passed away. As I read this morning paper and scanned the Obituaries I came across one that told of a young mother and her twin daughters dying at birth.
Heather, 26, July 30 Mya, infant, July 30, Lauren, infant, July 31,

My heart sunk reading this, my heart went out to the dear husband and family of this Mom and babies.

I can not even imagine what this dear husband and father is going through right now, loosing his wife and his first children at the same time. The sorrow he must be experiencing?

I have never really had to deal with a situation like this and I wonder how I would deal with it? I know the Lord would substain me through it, but I also know that we are still in the flesh and we still feel pain and loss.

How would you answer this man and his family if they ask, Why did this happen?



Ike said...

I'm not sure what I would say? I can say this........

Many years ago my wife and I went to the hospital expecting our first child and our precious little baby died. That was 36 years ago and now I have been watching my beautiful wife struggle with cancer.

My wife has had her entire colon removed and she also had a bilateral mastectomy. Actually, if I were to tell you all the organs that have been removed from her body, you would need both hands to count them. We have been broken and humbled. The one thing that “we” can say is that even though there are no guarantees that the cancer will not come back and even though my beautiful wife is scarred emotionally and physically, while “we” were sinners….the lowest of the low…..God saved us! And that is enough! Even if the cancer comes back, God is enough! He is good! He is precious! He is our treasure! He will satisfy us!

“Whom have we in heaven but the Lord and on earth there is nothing we desire but Him! Our flesh and our hearts may fail but the Lord is the strength of our hearts and our portion forever!!”


Brothers and sisters......"we" got ourselves a God!!!!

Baptist Girl said...

Wow! What a testimony! God bless you and your dear wife!
We sure do serve a God that loves us more then any other. Without Him we would never have such peace in situations like yours. Thank you for sharing and my prayers are with you.


Barbara said...

I am aware of Ike's situation as I have donated to help in their situation. I just wanted to help spread the word for them as I know they would appreciate it through this trial.

Anonymous said...

These types of situations are very hard. Assuming this family is saved, I would have to encourage them with the promises God has made to them in His Word. I would offer my prayers and if I were within vicinity to them, I would offer any assistance they might need. That is really all I could say to them. As to their questions of why God does what He does, we don't always get the answers to that question just as Job didn't. My words could never heal a broken heart. Only God can which He does through His Word, prayer, uses of His people bearing each others burdens.

You're in my prayers!

Baptist Girl said...

Thank you for sharing the site Barara.

Hey Sarah,
Good to see you sis. *S*
I am not certian if these folks were saved. The Minister that will be speaking at the Funeral is from a United Church and they are very liberal here in Canada, that is why I asked the question. It is a hard question to answer to help them that do not know Jesus as their Savior..understand. I hope all is well with you Sarah.

Love Cristina