Friday, April 04, 2008


Please be patient with me as I correct my mistake. I removed all my links from the side bar. Leave it to me. I will be fixing it this weekend when I have more time.



luvvom said...

Yikes! Don't ya hate when things like that happen? I'm so glad to be back... I'll have to catch up on everything! What a cute little girl! LOL!

Baptist Girl said...

Welcome Sarah!!!

It is so good to see you back! How have you been? Did you buy a new computer? I have missed you.


luvvom said...

No, I got my old one back. They said there was nothing wrong with it when they got it in the shop! Oh well! I am so glad to be back and I have missed you too! I'm doing good how about you? You've been in my prayers!

Scribe said...

Hey have you been dear sister?

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Sam,
I am doing just fine, thank you for asking. How are you doing? I have been wondering when we are going to see one of your wonderful blogs again. I hope all is well with you, I have thought of you often and I know it must be hard to cope with your lose. Parents are special, even if we know we will see them again one day, it is hard not having them here just to talk to. May our Lord comfort you dear brother and if there is anything I can pray for, please do not hesitate.

Love Cristina

jazzycat said...

Wow what a photo! I thought little girls were sugar and spice and everything nice.

Baptist Girl said...

Don't just love that face!!!
I remember making faces like that as a child...maybe even as an adult once or twice lol


maranatha777 said...

Love the face :-) Too cute!

As for deleting stuff - been there, done THAT! LOL ;-)


Even So... said...

Thanks for the link, sister...

Baptist Girl said...


Im' glad I'm not alone *S*.

Your Welcome.