Sunday, January 20, 2008


The Mountains so high, the rivers that flow
The flowers with their scent, the wintry snow.
The birds singing their song, the wind fierce and calm,
The beauty of Salvation, I sit in your palm.

The bright stars in the sky, the water, the land,
The many animals all so unique, our fellow man,
The homes we live in, the food we eat,
You have not left anything you promised, incomplete.

The bible you have given us Old and New
we cherish the words that flow through and through,
your sword pierces our heart and pierces our mind
and opens up the heart of the lost and blind.

I'm in Awe of you Majesty, I'm in Awe of your strength
Your love is for always, you forgive at any length.
Your the Lamb of God, Your the sacrifice of your sheep
your blood set us free, this is the promise you will keep.



mark pierson said...

Cristina, please post this at BC at your earliest convenience.

Jungle Mom said...

May I post it as well? It is so beautiful!

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Rita,
Thank you. Sure you can.