Friday, January 25, 2008


Do not imagine that it is possible, fairly
and squarely, to preach Jesus Christ and
His Gospel without raising opposition.

There is no hope of faithfully preaching
Christ without being called disrespectful
names, regarded as a fool and reckoned
among the vulgar and ignorant. Some kind
of ugly name will always be appended to
the preacher of the true Gospel.

Brethren, expect it and accept it!
Bid farewell to a quiet life, if you
resolve to be true to Jesus.

Nothing excites such animosity
as the preaching of Jesus!

The carnal mind rages
at the Cross of Christ!

That which would be to men the greatest
comfort and the greatest joy if they were
in their right minds, is their direst hate
because sin has perverted their judgments.

Of course nobody opposes
an indistinct, colorless, please
everybody gospel that is not
worth anything.

But speak clearly and distinctly the doctrine
of the great Sacrifice and you will bring upon
your head a shower of opposition.

The carnal mind rages at the Cross of Christ!



jazzycat said...

Beautifully written. Bring worldly wisdom into your theology and the world will be pleased and speak well of you (Luke 6:26 “Woe to you, when all people speak well of you, for so their fathers did to the false prophets).

In this passage Jesus makes it very plain, doesn't he?

Baptist Girl said...

He sure does. If the world loves you I would start to question my walk.


Anonymous said...

Sort of makes you wonder about Rick Warren and his vomitous new age book "The Purpose Driven Life" and its message which was so popular with the world ... hmmmmmm.

Obviously he left out the the blood, the cross etc.

I wonder why???????? Maybe because that message doesn't cut it with the world and doesn't sell.

Earnestly Contending

Anonymous said...

I knew this was Spurgeon! He certainly was the prince of preachers and his love for his Savior always showed through. May mine do like wise!

Hope you've been doing're always in my prayers.

Even So... said...


mark pierson said...

Great Post!!!!!

Please consider it for BC. Thank you.

Beverly said...

Wonderful quote from Spurgeon whom I am always glad to hear. I like -
"Bid farewell to a quiet life, if you resolve to be true to Jesus."
Great reminder for us all!