Saturday, September 29, 2007


Question:What if you found out you only had about a year to live? What would you do with that time left?

(it's just a question)



Anonymous said...

I would pray harder for people's salvation. I would have a better and kinder attitude. I would tell my family that I loved them more often and show it by self sacrifition. I would pray that I would burn so brightly for God that people would say of me as they did of others, "She burned so brightly for God she burned right out into glory." I would want people to remember me as a follower of Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord the only Son of God. I once heard a persecuted brother say, "It's easier to die for's the living for Him that's hard." He's right. I can only live for Christ by His strength and when He calls me home it will be upon His righteouness I lay.

mark pierson said...

I would try to contact all those whom I've shared the gospel with in the past just to make sure they understood everything I've shared with them.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Sarah and Mark,
I guess the reason I asked this question was because I was thinking about it myself. What if I only had that short of time left or even less, what would I do?
And then I thought why wait until this ever happens. Great answers!


Julie's Jewels said...

I know I would try to reach as many people for Christ as I could. I don't do as much as I should now. This poses a great question and something to really think about!! Thanks for making us think and ponder on this.

David Scott said...

I would set my VW Bug on fire just for the pleasure of watching it burn!

Anonymous said...

Not to sound too biblical or spiritual as most of the time I aint or is it isn't. I would live life just as I do now. Jesus said, "Take no thought for tomorrow, Press on etc." God is sovereign and whether it be one day, one month or one year. He knows when I will leave. Good question though honey, whats for supper.

Jungle Mom said...

I hope I would spend it profitably. I hope I would not be bitter or angry for having to die. I hope I would lose all fear and preach the truth with boldness. I hope I would make sure and be reconciled with everyone.
I KNOW I would eat all the chocolate I wanted to and not worry about my diet!!!!

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Julie,
Your welcome, there are so many around us that need the Lord.I agree.

David lol

Yes God is sovereign *S*

Hi Rita,

I know there a lot of things I would hope to do also....including
eating all the chocolate I can hehe


Annette said...

don't think I'd do a whole lot different than what I do now. Probably hold my boy and hubby closer. Find ways to make it easier for Jim to raise my boy child on his own... man..that would be tough.

Not a good thing to contemplate! :)