Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Awhile back my dear sister Rita at "Jungle Hut" gave me an ward and I want to thank her for it. It was very kind of you Rita. I have not put it on my side board because I am still trying to figure how to do it, same with Sarah's thoughtful Award. S I will thank you here. I apoligize for taking so long to thank you.



Jungle Mom said...

More than welcome!!!

Anonymous said...

Just right click your mouse over the picture and choose "save picture as..." and save it in your pictures file on your computer. Then go into "customize" on your site click on "add a page element". Then click onto "picture" and browse for you picture in your files and upload it. Have fun!

Baptist Girl said...

Dear Sarah.
Thank you for your help. I am trying to make the picture smaller on the side bar. My son is going to be home tomorrow so I am going to try and get him to help me.

Pam said...

Congrats.! I remember her giving this to you some time back!
Have you redesigned your blog?

Oh and boy do I ever know of Paula Deen. I used to watch her daily! A dear friend gave me two cookbooks by Paula for Christmas last year! I took a fun cooking quiz on line and came out as Paula Deen!

I used to have a in home day care. Something in common with you??

Baptist Girl said...

Thank you. I am adding a little big of color to my blog. I can see you coming out Paula Deen, lol. Yes I have a home day care business, I have been doing it for almost 17 years, and I love it. Last year I tried to remember all the children I have babysat and I can rememeber 53 children. whew!
I am now babysitting a little fellow whose mom I babysat...makes me feel old, lol. I have been very blessed by all these children and parents. How many years did you babysit?