Sunday, September 09, 2007


A old woman pushing a cart, filled with treasures of her life,
A little boy screaming with joy, runs by
A prostitute selling her self, another day of strife
a young man fighting for his life, about to die

A neighbor pulling out the weeds, so her prize Roses will bloom,
A teacher working overtime to prepare for the next day,
A bum in the street sleeping , his life such doom
A young woman, pushing a needle in her arm, in such dismay.

A desperate man walking in circles, after losing his job today
A doctor trying to save his patient after being hit by a bus,
A wife crying because she may loose her husband , not knowing what to say
A Bus driver with his head hung over, as people look with him in disgust.

A baby that starving with flies all around it’s head
A father that can not provide for his family, with suicide on his mind
A terrorist ready to murder thousands , he is like the walking dead
Look all around you, this is the world, this is mankind.

A Christian who calls Christ his own, walking down the street
A Christian whose neighbors, know him so well
A Christian who can tell of Christ with everyone they meet
A Christian that has the chance to tell about heaven and Hell

So many lost people we meet every day
That prostitute ,thats trying to feed in her son
So many chances and we throw them away.
What will you do…………Before it’s all said and done.


Anonymous said...

Funny you ask! I didn't have to look around too far...God just brought them to my doorstep. I'm learning in baby steps.

Baptist Girl said...

Me too Sarah.