Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Lord I need thee every hour...

I think we all have a time or times in our walk with Christ where we have a hard time trusting in the Lord. I hope I am not coming across like I am looking for attention, or any pity, I am not…
I have to be honest about my prayer life, I use to have a hard time asking folks to pray for me because I felt I was seeking attention, when the truth is Attention is the last thing I ever enjoyed. I have always been shy, the funny thing is my husband is the total opposite of me, he is very out going…anyway back to praying and trust. There has been a lot going on in my families life this past 6 months with illness and it has been hard on the family. We are a close family and when one is hurting, we all hurt. As far as I know I do not think anyone in my family knows the Lord, my youngest sister says she does but I am not 100% sure.

Also, my husband and I have been feeling a lot of stress with our jobs in the past year, my husband is a Traffic Manager for a Medical company and also the Facilities Manager. Also when the Warehouse Manager is away from the office (Vacation, out of town, on courses etc) my husband is expected to fill his position. In the past year my husband is getting more stressed and tired and it worries me. My job has got stressful this past year because one of my families is a single parent family and the father, who has the children, had to go on Afternoon shifts and so I have his children from 12 noon Monday until Friday each week. And I have to be honest I am really feeling so tired. I am doing this because the mother of his children is not in the picture very much. I finally had to tell him today that I can not do this anymore come September and that was so hard to do because I've had these 2 children in my care since they were babies. The boy is almost 10 and the little girl is 6.

With all this going on, my husband and I are starting our vacation this Friday and we had planned to go Grand Rapids for 4-5 days and we really do not know what to do? It is so hard to go away with problems happening at home. I know my family and friends tell us GO, GO, but I am going to be honest, it is so hard to go…..I know I have to trust the Lord, but in situation I am really finding it hard to go and enjoy myself and not worry.
Please pray for me and my family and about our time away, Jim and have not been away together since we were first married, 24 years ago, I know we both really need this so much..and the trials that have faced my family this past week have made me realize How much I need to draw strength from the Lord..I am so tired.



luvvom said...

you and your family are in my prayers. As far as your burdens, give to God for He has given them to you for you to give back to Him in trust. Remember, our sanctification process is in His hands...He just wants to see your face before Him in prayer...that's all...just rest in Him. Think of this vacation as a gift from Him to you. You must be thankful to Him for it and worrying about things is telling Him you don't feel He is big enough to handle them or He doesn't care enough for you to care for them. Please don't think I'm scolding you...I'm not for I do the same as you and I need reminding of this when I'm in the thick of things! But He wants you to carry His burden and yoke for they are easy and light. Go and rest in Him and show your husband how much you are in love with him. We love you sister!

Baptist Girl said...

Thank you friend. I love you too.


Susan said...

I will pray for you.
I don't know you, of course, and we've never met, but based on the little I know from this post, I'd say you almost have to go on vacation - secondarily for your rest. Primarily for you to "allow" God His proper place to handle the situations in the lives of your loved ones (and your own and that of your husband).
I think you trust Him to do it when you're present with your regular life and with your family.
Removing yourself from the situation is the real key, isn't it? Like saying "I believe the plane can take me somewhere," but not willing to set foot on the plane.
This may also be God's way of showing you His absolute sovereignty over every detail - without you there. No matter what happens when you're gone.
I think it will be a blessing from which you will grow immensely - both spiritually and in rest physically. I will pray that way, anyway.
I hope you had time to read this comment before leaving. If not, then, well, welcome home and how was it?? :-)
Please know I will pray (or prayed) for you during vacation.

Susan said...

ps - If this was hard for you to share this kind of detail over the Internet, please know that it is a privilege for your Christian family (me, bluecollar family, etc) to pray for you. So it's good for us to know how to pray for you, because you are much loved.

Jungle Mom said...

I am praying as well. I hope you do go on the vacation. Some times taking care of others means taking care of ourselves.

A Note From Theresa said...

Praying for you. And hope you have a good vacation if you do decide to go.

jazzycat said...

You are in my prayers Cristina. I hope you relax on your trip and give extra reading time to all the Bible verses that comfort our souls. Psa 23, Rom. 8, etc.....

mark pierson said...

Bless you, Cristina! May the Lord give both you and Jim rest!

You are in my prayers.


Gayla said...

I'm praying too. Hope you're having a restful time.

donsands said...

I pray that you may be able to comprehend and to know the love of Christ, which passes all knowledge. This love that Christ has for His own is way beyond what we could ever know. And it's a personal love. He loves each and every one of His brothers and siters. And His Father loves each and every one of His children, who Jesus died for.

Baptist Girl said...

Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate them all. We left for Grand Rapids on Friday and came back Sundays night. We had a relaxing weekend in Grand Rapids We traveled to Frankenmuth MI on the way home. We stopped at a little church near there for Sunday morning service, Fellowship Baptist church was the name of the church. A lot of nice folks, they invited us for a Pot Luck Lunch but we were lookig forward to trying the Famous Chicken Dinner at Zehnder's Restaurant. We waited in line for almost an hour and I must say it was worth it. We then came home and both had a good night sleep, hotel beds are not the most comfortablest. We may still go to Niagra Falls for a few days, it's not a long distance.
Again thank you so much.


mark pierson said...

Too bad our schedules couln't line up. The Pierson family and the Lush family could have met at Niagara Falls as it is only an hour and three quarters west of my house.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi mark,

We were just going for the day, maybe next year we can make a date? I would be honored to meet you.


Julie's Jewels said...

Bless your heart!! I know how hard it must be to be dealing with all that you are dealing with. I'm glad you decided to get away and take some time for just you two. It is so important for your relationship with your husband and also with the Lord. We all need that "time away" at one time or another. My husband and I took our first trip (without the kids) in January of this year after 21 years. We had never gone off alone for more than the amount of time it takes to go out to dinner. We needed it and we enjoyed it.

I also know how difficult it is to tell a parent you have to stop watching their children after such a long time of doing so. It tears your heart out. But I can tell you from experience that its hard at first but it goes away after a few days or so. I'll be praying for you.

Baptist Girl said...

thank you all for your prayers, they meant a lot to me.