Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Thank you all for your prayers. The doctor told my parents that he did have another heart attack. The swelling is under control again and so they sent him home last night. He is resting comfortably. I talk to him this morning and he told me he had a good rest. I am going over this weekend to help out a bit and I am going to talk to both my parents again about the gospel. Please pray for me that the Lord will give me the right words to say and that I can have some sort of assurance. I have shared the gopsel with them before and they told me that they believed, but I was not 100% sure because I think they believe their salvation is based on works. They are dear, dear people that would give their coats off their back for anyone, but we know works isn't the way into heaven. So I would really appreciate prayer. Thankyou again folks.



Bluecollar said...

Prayers, yes, dear sister!

Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my prayers that God gives you the words to say to them to lead them to Him or He gives you the assurance that they are saved. I will also keep their health in my prayers.

Jungle Mom said...

Please know that I will pray about this week end. I had a hard night last night with some pain and the Lord brought your folks to my mind to pray for them. I am having surgery myself on Sunday and ask for your prayers about that as well.

I hope my sister does not read this as i have not told her yet!

Baptist Girl said...

Mark and Sarah,
Thank you so much. I appreciate it very much.

Thank you for your prayers and you are in my prayers sis, take good care of yourself.


Janie said...

I will be praying for him!

Pam said...

oh so sorry! Another heart attack huh? We just went through similar stuff with my dad.

I have spoken to my sister (Jungle Mom) so the news of her surgery didn't take me by surprise, thank goodness!

I'll keep your dad and your family in my prayers.