Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Paul tells us in Romans that false teachers are so good at deceiving christians and he was so right. You look at the church today and all the new gimics preachers are using to entice people to come to their churches and then they are fed pablum instead of the meat of the word or they are taught man made ideas. Numbers seem to make a successful church, the more you have in church on a Sunday, the more successful you seem. These preachers with their flowered shirts, their fancy stages, their famous guests are a failure to the Gospel because they are man-centered, not God-centered. Our attention is taken away from the true message. While they tell us their pretty little stories, sell their books and water down the truth of the word more and more people are being decieved. When we stay in churches like this, we are opening ourselves to be deceived. Their are so many babes in Christ that are being deceived by these false teachers and if we do not stay in the word of God we will be deceived also. If this is happening in your churches RUN! GET OUT.... before you get drawn in. Satan is at work in the churches and he is using these false teachers to do his evil deeds.

Thes. 3:6
We instruct you, brothers, in the name of (our) Lord Jesus Christ,to shun any brother who conducts himself in a disorderly way and not according to the tradition they received from us.

Thes 3:14,15
13 But you, brothers, do not be remiss in doing good. 14 If anyone does not obey our word as expressed in this letter, take note of this person not to associate with him, that he may be put to shame.

1John 4-6
1 Beloved, do not trust every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they belong to God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
2 This is how you can know the Spirit of God: every spirit that acknowledges Jesus Christ come in the flesh be longs to God, 3 and every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus 2 does not belong to God. This is the spirit of the antichrist that, as you heard, is to come, but in fact is already in the world. 4 You belong to God, children, and you have conquered them, for the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. 5 They belong to the world; accordingly, their teaching belongs to the world, and the world listens to them. 6 We belong to God, and anyone who knows God listens to us, while anyone who does not belong to God refuses to hear us. This is how we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of deceit.

"I have preached God's truth, so far as I know it, and I have not been ashamed of its peculiarities. That I might not stultify my testimony, I have cut myself clear of those who error from the faith, and even from those who associate with them." -- C.H.S., October 1888.

"Constantly we hear of proposals for union, and truly these are welcome where mere technical matters divide true Christians; but what is the use of pretending to create union where there can be none? There is another matter which needs to be thought of as well as union, and that is TRUTH. To part with truth to show charity is to betray our Lord with a kiss. Between those who believe in the eternal verities and those who constantly cast doubt on them there can be no union. One cried of old, 'Is it peace?' And the answer was a sharp and true one. We render it thus -- 'What hast thou to do with peace while departures from the truth of God are so many?' The first question is, 'Are we one in Christ?' And are we obedient to the truth revealed in the Scriptures? If so, union will necessarily follow: but if not, it is vain to clamour for a confederacy which would only be an agreement to aid and abet each other's errors." -- C.H.S., The Sword and the Trowel, February 1887.

"For Christians to be linked in association with ministries who do not preach the gospel of Christ is to incur moral guilt. A Union which can continue irrespective of whether its member churches belong to a common faith is not fulfilling any scriptural function. The preservation of a denominational association when it is powerless to discipline heretics cannot be justified on the grounds of the preservation of 'Christian unity'... It is error which breaks the unity of churches, and to remain in a denominational alignment which condones error is to support schism." -- C.H.S., The Forgotten Spurgeon, pp. 164-165.



jazzycat said...

Baptist Girl,
Good point that Christians should get out of unfaithful churches and find one that is faithful to the whole counsel of God.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Spurgeon that said that if the church you are going to isn't sticking by the Word of God, then leave that church! He said it better than I just did but I sure do agree!

Jungle Mom said...

since I haven't lived in the USA for a long time, I always find it interesting when I return every four years or so. The changes in the churches is so obvious. Sometimes in a good way but unfortunatly, mostly in a negative way. Even my children notice it and have asked why everyone is so "shallow". Sad.

Anonymous said...

jungle mom,
praise be to God that not all are shallow. I have on my site some of our sisters who have been arrested for passing out tracts in Washington state....please keep them in your prayers.

Baptist Girl said...


You siad exactly what he said just in a shorter version

I think this is the one you may have been talking about. He was such a wise man

"Complicity with error will take from the best of men the power to enter any successful protest against it ... Fellowship with known and vital error is participation in sin ... As soon as I saw, or thought I saw, that error had become firmly established, I did not deliberate, but quitted the body at once. Since then my counsel has been 'Come out from among them.' I have felt that no protest could be equal to that of distinct separation from known evil ... That I might not stultify my testimony I have cut myself clear of those who err from the faith, and even from those who associate with them." -- C.H.S., The Sword and the Trowel.


bluecollar said...

Good post, Cristina!

Enjoy the snow.


Jungle Mom said...

I am sorry if I implied ALL christians are shallow. mainlty we notice it among the youth. And even so, not all are shallow.

Baptist Girl said...

Dear Jungle mom,
I never read that in what you said nor do I think anyone else did. *S*


Anonymous said...

No, jungle mom, I didn't think you meant all Christians were shallow :o). I did want to bring attention to those who are suffering for Him even in our own country so that we all could keep them in our prayers....they would charish them