Sunday, October 15, 2006

HUMILITY by C.S. Spurgeon

I awoke this morning at 4:00am with a charley horse (pain in my legs) and could not get back to sleep. I came downstairs to our office and decided to search out a sermon to listen to. I first listened to A.W. Tozer on the subject of "God's Holiness" and really enjoyed it. Then, I listened to C.S. Spurgeons sermon on Humility and I felt it was so worth hearing for others. If you have time and have audio on your computer,I would encourage you to go to this site and listen to this sermon on "Humility". It is close to 50 minutes long but so worth hearing. May you be blessed as I was.

Go to this site and scroll down to Humility


“Serving the Lord with all humility of mind.” — Acts 20:19.

IT is not often that a man may safely speak about his own humility. Humble men are mostly conscious of great pride, while those who are boastful of humility have nothing but false pretense, and really lack and want it. I question whether any of us are at all judges as to our pride or humility; for verily, pride so often assumes the shape of lowliness when it hath its own end to serve, and lowliness on the other hand is so perfectly compatible with a heavenly dignity of decision, that it is not easy at all times to discover which is the counterfeit and which is the precious and genuine coin. You will remember that in the case in our text, Paul speaks by inspiration. If it were not for this fact, I would not have believed even Paul himself when he spoke of his own humility. So distrustful do I feel of our judgment upon this point, that if he had not spoken under the infallible witness and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I should have said that the text was not true, and that when a man should say he served God with humbleness of mind, speaking merely from his own judgment, there was clear proof before you that he was a proud man. But Paul speaketh not to his own commendation, but with the sole motive of clearing his hands of the blood of all men.



bluecollar said...

Cristina, Spurgeon had a way with words. He certainly had a way to dig deep into your conscience. Wow.

Baptist Girl said...


He sure did. I found a site that has some great sermons bt some great men of the Word. I just love Spurgeons sermons! His words are deep and dig deep as you said.