Friday, October 20, 2006


Christian Liberty is a subject that interests me. I know the bible speaks of it but my question is where is the line drawn? God tells us not to be of the world and yet the liberties christians practice sometimes seem worldly to me. I think of drinking, if a christian is say having only one beer but it is in a bar, what does the world think and does that not matter? I feel the world is watching us very closely and what we do, they relate that to Christ. I see christians attending a R-rated Movie, is that wrong? I see people smoking and what it does to their body or over eating, what does God say about it being the temple of the Holy Spirit. I am no legalist by any account but I wonder sometimes about these liberties.

I do this blog as a believer that has so much to learn. I have so much growing to do and I do apreciate the comments I get. I want to grow in Christ and if I say thing on my blog that are not biblical, I want to be told. I apreciate help from my brothers and sisters in Christ.

What sayth you on this subject?



bluecollar said...

Hi Cristina.

You ask some tough questions. Our perspectives of what is right or wrong, if not clearly spelled out in scripture, can be sooooo subjective. I have no answers.

Baptist Girl said...

I know. I was talking with a group of people and one man feels he has liberety to do almost anything because he does not feel convicted. I guess that is when I started to question it. We are not to be like the world, they are to see a difference in us. I do not want to sound like a legalist.
In the group there was believers and non believers and it was like few of the christians were proudly voicing their liberties The non christians seemed pleased hearing them.

I feel we do have freedoms but on the other hand we are a reflection of Christ and we are to be different. I don't want the world patting me on the back.