Sunday, September 03, 2006


Question: What do you think about this quote?

"... Satan works to blend together his system with God's system, because when you blend error with truth you have destroyed the truth. You no longer have a mixture of truth and error; you have error. Just like when you take poison and put it in a glass of milk -- you not only have a glass of milk and poison, you have a glass of poison, because the poison has corrupted the good milk. So it is with Satan's system when it is mixed-in, even with Biblical things, it becomes a corrupting influence and you no longer have truth and error -- you have error. And the truth is even corrupted by the error.

As I read it, it made me think about how Churches today are watering down the Gospel to reach the lost. They are taking out what is important, so they do not offend. When they do this, are they really leading people down the right path? To me it is just the same as putting a small drop of poison into a glass a milk, you poison it. When you add or take away from God's word, what are you doing? You are poisoning it, right? Are we ready to compomise the truth of God's Word and at the sake of what?

If you can, I would appreciate your thoughts on this?



Sherry said...

I just wrote something similar to that on my blog in the form of a Question. I just hope that I wrote this out properly. I seem to have a problem with feeling and saying things and expressing it in my writings. That's why I'm not a journalist! hehehe

bluecollar said...

Jesus preached repentance. The apostles preached repentance as Jesus commanded them to - Luke 24:47. Shouldn't we do so as well? To not preach repentance is a lie. Did the woman at the well go back to that man with whom she was not married, after her encounter with the Lord, in John 4?

In this case, not mixing truth with truth is a lie, and poison.

Baptist Girl said...

Hi Sherry,
Me too. LOL.

Hi Blue Collar,


vjanand said...

Actually Satan uses the very same words that exist in the Bible to corrupt God's children. Remember he tried to tempt Jesus three times and each time he quoted from the Old Testament.

This is why one should be cautious while waiting upon one's prayers. To survive in today's world, one needs to pray, pray and pray and ask for wisdom to see what good milk is and what poison is!

Sherry said...

vjanand, that is why you put complete trust and faith in the Lord and not on man. The Holy Spirit will teach you all things.